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A Sweet Escape in Australia’s Humble Family Bee Farm

Superbee Honeyworld

What started out as a small endeavour in the kitchen, some honey, and a desire to contribute something to Australia, became the Superbee Honeyworld. It was established in 1968 and quickly became one of the major privately owned pure Australian honey manufacturers of top products including Propolis and Royal Jelly.

Superbee Honeyworld is bringing the best Australian honey on the Aussie table for over five decades now. Unique among its competitors, Superbee sources its honey from the best locations that will help in enhancing its flavour. Australia, being the home of the best honey-producing flora in the world, produces the best honey possible in Oz and around the world.

Superbee Honeyworld began in 1968 in a small town in Sunshine Coast, Queensland in an area called Tanawha. The facility started out with a small 2 acre facility and was among the first who introduced pure Australian honey to tourists and locals in the area. A few years after, live bee shows were being hosted in the facility not only to entertain visitors but to educate them with the importance of these creatures and the secrets behind honey production in the beehive. The year 1987 came and the bee shows in Tanawha became so popular it was brought to Currumbin, in the Gold Coast. Superbee Honeyworld is now located inside the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and has teamed up with Buderim in creating the famous Yellow box honey and Buderim ginger.

Now, Superbee Honeyworld still serves as the home of live bee shows, delicious bee hive products, and a large range of honey to choose from. With a number of hive activities to do and enjoy in the area, tourists cannot help but be drawn to enjoy the bees and the honey. A fascinating world to discover indeed awaits in Superbee Honeyworld.

Activities include the process of honey making, from flower to flavour! A professional beekeeper is also included in the entertainment as you enter the glass room where thousands of bees work. Learn about the medicinal benefits of this natural product, create beeswax souvenirs, and simply enjoy this magical and delicious gift from nature.

Superbee Honeyworld is located just across the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a wide array of honey in different flavours that you can check out and taste for free. Among the famous flavours available in the store is the Honey and Ginger Flavour, famous premium superbee honey with a mix of the Buderim Ginger at $29.80 per 1000 grams. Flavours like Honey and Lemon as well as Honey and Cinnamon start at $16.20 for a 500 grams bottle. Gift boxes in six-100 grams bottles are also available in the store. Propolis and Royal Jelly are also available for sale onsite.

Superbee Honeyworld Top Activities and Attractions

Honey Tasting and Shopping

Honey Tasting and Shopping at Superbee Honeyworld

Superbee Honeyworld is the home of the finest and purest Australian honey in the world. It is known for its unique flavour as well as its extra flavours that come with combining honey with other best natural flavours in Australia such as the Buderim Ginger. You can easily grab a spoon and taste the different flavours available in the store or bring home Oz’s famous pure honey after your visit.

Professional Live Bee Shows

Professional Live Bee Shows at Superbee Honeyworld

One of the key features and activities that contributed to the success of the Superbee Honeyworld is its live bee shows. Hosted by trained and professional beekeepers, get close and personal to these busy and buzzing team of bees that create the finest honey in Oz. There is a glass room that features thousands of bees in their natural niche, a one-of-a-kind and a unique experience you can enjoy in this attraction.

How to get to Superbee Honeyworld (Currumbin)

Located in Currumbin, Superbee Honeyworld is just 10 minutes away from the Gold Coast Airport. From Brisbane, you can take the train or bus and travel around two hours and forty-five minutes to get to Currumbin. A car or shuttle service will take you there in an hour.

Surfers Paradise is two hours away via the M1. The M5 and M1 route will take you longer by 30 minutes but an alternative route you can consider. The Line 700 night bus will only take 30 minutes from Sunshine Coast while a taxi ride is considered to be the fastest and will only take you 18 minutes to get there. Shuttle services will take you around 24 minutes from Sunshine Coast, while driving by car is considered the cheapest option to get to Superbee Honeyworld.

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Superbee Honeyworld Currumbin Operating Hours

Open daily          ✦          9am to 5pm
Live bee keeping shows run for approximately 30 minutes every hour daily. Shows start at 10am, with the last show commencing at 4pm.

For latest on tickets pricing, operating hours, live bee keeping show schedules, and products and other attractions, check out the official Superbee Honeyworld website.

 Address: 📍 35 Tomewin St, Currumbin, Gold Coast, Queensland 4223

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Superbee Honeyworld is one of the unique destinations for your Gold Coast holiday that offers the best and the purest Australian honey in Oz. This local attraction is just opposite the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a great place to get souvenirs and to take home a bottle of sweetness and natural flavour. Live bee shows are also featured in this Queensland attraction. 

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