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Top Travel Tips by Con-X-ion, the Premier Airport Transfer Service on the Gold Coast

Travelling can be a somewhat stressful process in between the packing and the planning, and we hear many stories from our customers as they head to and from the airport on their holidays or business trips. So we’ve compiled a list of our top travel tips to help ensure that your experience is a stress-free and enjoyable one from start to finish!

1. Beware of terms and conditions

Before you nab those cheap airfares online, take some time to revise the terms and conditions. As arduous as the task may be, it might just save you from any nasty hidden charges. More often than not, airlines impose hefty penalties for ticketing changes, be it the date or the destination, so be mindful. If for any reason there is the possibility that your travel plans may be subject to change, it could be worth paying just that little bit extra for a more flexible airfare.

2. Pack smart & light

Although easier said than done, packing smart and light is essential, not only to avoid those excess baggage charges but also to ensure that your travels are not weighed down by heavy luggage. Getting from A to B with weighty bags is no easy feat. The nightmare of lost luggage can occasionally become a reality for some travellers, so why not split the contents between yours and your travel partners’ suitcase? That way if one of your suitcases goes missing you will have enough underwear, swimsuits and a change of clothes to last until your case gets to you (which it undoubtedly will!). Also when flying, be sure to check the hand luggage restricted items and baggage allowance before you leave for the airport - you don't want to loose that new bottle of suncream you've just purchased!

3. Travel insurance

When travelling overseas, taking out comprehensive travel insurance is a no brainer. A wide range of travel insurance providers offer various policies to suit your circumstances and travel plans, so do your research. Before you purchase your insurance, always read the fine print to ensure that you understand and are completely happy with your policy cover. Then don't forget to take the details with you and keep them somewhere safe!

4. Plan ahead

Spontaneity during your travels is what makes the experience, but planning ahead to some degree is vital. In addition to planning your day-to-day activities, make sure that you set aside a sufficient amount of time to get to the airport. If you're travelling with Con-X-ion, our operators will be able to advise the most appropriate travel time to ensure you're at the airport on time to catch your flight (and with enough time to browse the duty free). 

5. Beat the check-in queue

Checking in online will not only save you a bit more time at the airport, but also give you the opportunity to snag a better seat should they be available. Yes you will still need to check your baggage, but it will certainly speed up the process and is a great option for people travelling with carry-on luggage only.

6. Read Reviews

There are a wealth of online review websites such as Trip Advisor that provide an honest indicator of whether a hotel, restaurant or activity is up to scratch and delivers value for money. You may also find some hidden gems that you weren't expecting through other travellers experiences. Be savvy when reading online reviews though to judge whether they are genuine concerns and are worth making or breaking your decision, or whether it was just one individuals take on a specific situation. 

7. Explore on foot

Upon arriving at your destination, there is no denying that the best way to explore and truly appreciate all that a city has to offer is on foot. Whether you choose to join a local walking tour or venture out on your own armed with a map (or your phone), you are sure to uncover many hidden treasures. So don't forget to take a pair of comfortable shoes!

8. Take note

Whilst photos are the best ways to document your travels and capture those memorable moments, taking a little travel diary with you is a great way to remember the finer details in years to come. Have you forgotten the name of that great restaurant you visited on your last holiday or that recommendation you received from a local? Write it down. You needn't be a professional writer, simply take a moment before bed or once a week to write a few notes about the days or weeks adventures. Trust us, you will look back on these scrawlings with great affection in the future.


When planning your next holiday, why not leave it to Con-X-ion to ensure that you arrive to and from the airport on time? Explore our website to find out more about our reliable and affordable door-to-door transfer service!

By Stuart Stratton at 19 Aug 2014, 08:50 AM