Frequently Asked Questions        

Will I be collected directly from my location?

Yes(*), provided that your pick-up location is within our designated zones, you will be collected from right outside your door. However, if you are located within a gated community, Con-x-ion requests that you wait outside the gates. For more information regarding Con-X-ion's zoning, please call 1300 266 946. (*) Restrictions may apply depending on the location of your door or driveway. This will be dependent on driver discretion and accessibility. Please note that CBD hotel picks may have an alternate pick up point due to accessibility. In this instance you will be picked up from the safest and closest location to your hotel.

When will I be picked up?

Your confirmation will state the bus should arrive within a 20 minute window. This will allow for traffic fluctuations and multiple pick ups in your area. You must be ready and waiting  for the entirety of your allocated time allotment as our services will depart immediately once they reach said location, and will be unable to wait for unfound passengers.

What is required to qualify for a family fare?

In order to qualify for a family fare, you must purchase tickets for 2 adults and 2 children.

What is the age range for the children's rate?

Children aged between 1 years to 13 years. Those who are under the age of 1 years travel free.


Are the buses equipped with wheelchair hoist capabilities?

Impaired Customers travelling with Con-x-ion are required to book a minimum of two weeks in advance if travelling with a wheelchair. Con-x-ion has only one bus equipped with wheelchair hoist capabilities and this bus will need to be reserved in advance. Our buses are not fitted with anchor points for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs and walking aids must be collapsible as they will be stored in the bus trailer. Mobility scooters can be no heavier than 28kgs and must fit in the trailer.

All passengers need to ensure they can board, disembark (via hoist assistance if booked) and move around the bus unaided or, alternatively travel with a care assistant or companion.

How far in advance do I need to book a transfer?

Con-X-ion requests that all airport transfer bookings be processed at least 48 hours in advance. Should you have a late booking however, simply contact Con-X-ion directly and we will do our best to make suitable arrangements for you. Theme park and attraction transfer bookings can be arranged on the day. To book:     

Can I take my surfboard on board?

  • Surfboards - $10.00 each. Surfboards must be less than 6ft long (183 cm), Should the surfboard exceed 6ft they will be unable to be transported due to our coaches' trailer size restrictions.
  •  Please see Terms and Conditions for more information or contact 1300 266 946.

How much does a transfer cost?

Pricing varies depending on each suburb and the type of rate applicable, i.e. adult, child, student/concession or family. Please call 1300 266 946 for all pricing details and specials.

What credit cards are accepted for payment purposes?

Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners.

How are all luggage items transported?

If you are travelling on our mini coaches (12-21 persons seating capacity), a trailer is used for all luggage and other larger items. All maxi coaches (50 persons seating capacity) have built-in luggage containers, and if you're travelling in a Tarago (7 persons seating capacity), luggage will be stored in the boot. Please note that excess luggage does incur a fee.

What are the Airport pick-up points?

Brisbane Airport Arrivals

All arriving passengers should report to the Con-x-ion airport service desks to check-in. Passengers will then be directed to their shuttle buses and assisted through the boarding procedure by the driver.

Gold Coast Airport Arrivals

All arriving passengers are to collect their luggage and proceed toward the glass sliding exit doors at the northern end of the terminal. Passengers are to wait inside the terminal under the Transit Centre Sign until a driver makes contact. Passengers are expected to actively look for the bus branded with Con-x-ion insignia and to keep an eye out for your driver who will be wearing a blue shirt and red Con-x-ion hat.

If you require assistance, the Gold Coast Tourism Visitor Information Centre is located in the terminal opposite the car rental booths for assistance, otherwise please phone 1300 266 946 or +61 7 5556 9888.

Please ensure your mobile phone is turned on should we need to contact you or alternatively contact the Con-X-ion office on 07 555 69 888 for assistance. 

Sunshine Coast Airport Arrivals

Upon arrival, please report to the Con-X-ion counter in the arrivals hall prior to collecting your luggage. Once all passengers are accounted for you will be transferred to your destination.  Please ensure your mobile phone is turned on should we need to contact you. 

What is Con-X-ion's cancellation policy? 

  • Cancellations in excess of 24 hours, we will refund your fare less the $10.00 administration fee.
  • Cancellations less then 24 hours do not receive a refund.

How many passengers does each coach accommodate?

The number of passengers that each coach can accommodate varies depending on its size and the area in which it is servicing. Con-X-ion offers shared shuttle transfers which service passengers to and from airports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information on coach sizes, services and pricing call 1300 266 946.

Do you have baby capsules available for use?

No, we are not obligated to provide baby capsules or other child restraints for passengers.

Why does Con-X-ion require my flight details?

All flight details, including airline carrier, arrival and departure times, and return dates and times, assist Con-x-ion with ensuring that all passengers are collected in a timely and efficient manner. This also assists Con-x-ion with the cross checking procedure of all passengers' details. 

As an agent, can I create an account with Con-X-ion? 

Yes you certainly can. For further details regarding the creation of an account, please contact Con-X-ion on 1300 266 946 or email