Fraser Coast

Year-Round Water Sports, Outdoor Fun, and Lots of Sun and Sand

Fraser Coast: The Aquatic Paradise of the North

Fraser Coast is a stunning aquatic destination located at the northern portion of Brisbane. If being near the water is your type of holiday, you can never go wrong in this famed tourist spot.  Grabbing a Fraser Coast map is not necessary because every scenic destination is conveniently located by the beach.

Water sports are plenty and should not be missed during your visit. Learn to dive, snorkel, scuba dive, or simply feel the waves crashing on your sunbathed beach bodies. There is plenty of sun and sand to enjoy in this region.

Top Things To Do and See in Fraser Coast

Hervey Bay Whale Watching

Hervey Bay Whale Watching

One of the most favourite and relaxing things to do in Hervey Bay in Fraser Coast. Whale watching is a seasonal experience so you should hit the bay around July up to October. Tours or Quick Cat rides are also available to give you access closer to the whales. Book a Quick Cat to be closer and swim with the humpback whales.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is considered as one of the best and most traveled islands not only in Fraser Coast but in the whole of Australia. To explore the whole of the island and all its beautiful glory, take a tour to get to the inland tracks and lakes as well as other hidden corners of the stunning island.

Fraser Beach

Fraser Coast Beaches

It is not surprise to see most of the tourists in Fraser Coast heading to the beach. The coast can be quiet and relaxing in the morning and a little busy as the sun begins to shine. Although surfing is not quite accessible in the area due to the rarity of waves and rips, you can still do a lot and enjoy just by strolling around the beach.


Esplanade Walk and Cycle Trail

Walking by the bay is as equally relaxing and entertaining for many types of locals and tourists alike. The path along the Hervey Bay Esplanade stretches 14 kilometers long, starting from the Urangan Harbour up to the Batakers Bay. The waterfront is lined with a tree pathway, a popular and favourite feature of Hervey Bay.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

This quaint but magnificent destination may not boast in size but is a lovely escape away from the busy beaches of Fraser Coast. Green lawns can host your picnics or you can simply lay down and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. Kids would love the fish and turtles in the ponds featured in the garden.

Markets and events

Coastal Markets and Stalls

Bring home memories of Fraser Coast through pictures and souvenirs. Get this and more from the stalls featured at the Fraser Coast Markets. You’ll find unique products like handmade skirts, pouches, and other unique clothing. Local products and other native delicacies can also be enjoyed in the area.

Eat & Drink

Brisbane Eat & Drink

There are plenty of dining facilities to enjoy and discover in Fraser Coast. The young and the young-at-heart will have quite a list of places to dine at and delicacies to enjoy in the region. Whether you plan to splurge, grab a fast food, or enjoy dining on a budget, the famous Coast has it all. There are over 30 restaurants located near the beach with superb menus and vibrant atmosphere to enjoy. Gourmet dining is also interesting and fun in several Fraser Coast restaurants in the region. If you are up to extend the night and enjoy some wine and drinks, you’ll find plenty of clubs to chase those blues away in the area.


Brisbane Stay

Fraser Coast accommodations can be considered as the finest. Beach and nature lovers will find themselves conveniently nestled by the beach. Almost all of the hotels in the area are facing or at the beach. Imagine waking up in the morning with the sun rising between the sea and the sky. Worried about your budget? Fraser Coast accommodations range from 45$- 150$ a night. Homestays are also offered near the beach, but mostly can be located a few minutes away from the coast. Some home stays feature indoor pools, a best option if you prefer to stay away from the sand.

How to Get Here

Going to Fraser Coast from Brisbane is a 3-hour drive via the Bruce Highway. This is the most preferred mode of transportation by majority of the visitors in the area especially locals. You can also book a coach or shuttle service to get you to Fraser Coast from Brisbane. Flying remains to be the fastest option to get to the area via its airport, the Hervey Bay Airport. The are direct flights from Sydney to Hervey Bay as well as from Melbourne. Flights from the Sunshine Coast are ideal if you plan to visit Noosa. You can hire a car from Noosa to get to Fraser Coast.

Getting Around Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast is geographically compact making transportation very easy. Everything - restaurants, clubs, bars, groceries, offices, tourist destinations - is close by so you can conveniently walk from one place to the other. Cycling and scooter are also popular transportation options in the area. There are several bikes and scooters for hire around the coast. Buses regularly operate in the region to bring you around the city as well as from your hotel to various areas in the region. Taxis and car rentals are also available. You might want to book early for car rentals as well as shuttle services during peak season. Renting a car would be the most ideal option to get around easily around the coast.

Fraser Coast

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