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Australia’s secret delights to explore are nestled perfectly in one of its favourite cities, Sydney. The trip from Darling Harbour to Sydney Airport only takes 21 minute via a shuttle bus. If you are up for some relaxing hotel accommodations or simply would love to check out the sight and activities in New South Wales, you have come to the right place. Prepare for an adventure and take on NSW’s beauty and surprises with excitement.

Water activities are most of the highlights of the entertainment options available in Sydney. It is home to the world famous Sydney Opera and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Ferries are a common sight in the region that departs daily on the Circular Quay. There is a cornucopia of enchanting secrets in Sydney Harbour worth to be discovered.

Interestingly, there is around 20,000 boats registered in the harbour, thus, you’ll have plenty of access to the famous waters of Australia. In fact, there is an average of 15 million trips made in these boats and ferries every year. Over 586 species of marine life found its home in Sydney Harbour, more than the species of marine life in the coast of the United Kingdom.Fishing is also one of the favourite activities in the harbour. Each year during summer, an average of around 74,000 tonnes of fish are caught by recreational fishers in the harbour. Interestingly dining on fish from the harbour is not advised.

Darling Harbour, formerly known as Long Cove and Cockle Bay got its current name from the Governor of New South Wales from 1825-1831. Cruising is a nice experience you can do when staying in the region. You can even enjoy a nice dinner facing the wharf at the Cockle bay Wharf. Fauna are also plenty and many are exhibited at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Kids and adults alike will love time at the crowd favourite SEA Life Sydney Aquarium. The famous wax museum of Madame Tussauds is also situated in the area. You’ll even enjoy reliving the child in you at the famous Darling harbour Carousel. The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a mesmerising spot you’ll have to check out as well.

Doesn’t matter whatever time of the year you’ll be visiting, you’ll surely not get bored with some of the best things to do and explore next time you visit from Sydney Airport to Darling Harbour (and back) all year round.

Sydney Airport to Darling Harbour Transport

If you’re traveling between Sydney Airport & Darling Harbour, be sure to catch Con-X-ion’s shuttle from Sydney Airport to Darling Harbour for a hassle-free travel to your destination. Regular daily services are available so you get to choose times and pickup and dropoff points suitable to your requirements. Hop aboard, sit back and relax, and let Con-X-ion transfer you in stylish comfort to your destination.




Top Things to Do & See for Sydney Airport <> Darling Harbour Trip

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Paddle Under the Coathanger

Paddle Under the Coathanger

Welcome the sun rise in a kayak and begin your day with a heartwarming coffee tour with plenty of photo opportunities while paddling at the Coathanger. Located near the North Shore, the experience will entice you to try it once more. Never been on a kayak? Professional instructors will help you catch your balance and experience the harbour water through a velvety experience as you paddle around Luna Park.

Delicious Gelato at Ciccone and Sons Gelataria

Delicious Gelato at Ciccone and Sons Gelataria

Keep your sweet tooth satisfied and delighted as you try out the featured gelato at the Ciccone and Sons. A perfect combination with Sydney’s warm weather, the gelato is a staple and a favourite treat in Sydney. The sumptuous dessert matches the adorable design of the joint itself. It’s a great place to take pictures for your Instagram and Facebook stories. Check out the refreshing sweet and sour flavours as well as the slightly salty ones.

Live Music at the Lansdowne Hotel

Live Music at the Lansdowne Hotel

Chippendale is home to Sydney’s beloved pubs. It serves the best natural wines in the area and everyone’s favourite - pizza. The pub is also known for its stellar live music hosted on a daily basis upstairs. Just a few bucks and you’ll get access to Sydney’s oxygen deprived live-music scene. The place can occupy 250 guests that gives the area an ambiance like that of an intimate folk show. Regular artists include King Tide and You Am I.

Bronte Baths

Bronte Baths

Located in a rocky cliffside, the Bronte Baths is an ocean pool that is popular for early rises who would want to enjoy salty swimming laps in the morning, perfect for Instagram pics during the sunrise. The area can be a challenge for less experienced swimmers, but a sure treat for those who would want to feel the waves crashing onto their bodies and the pool walls. Get there before the clock hits 7am to get the best vantage point over the ocean’s horizon.

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Darling Square

Darling Square

A leisurely walk at the Darling Square is a good way to start your mornings in Darling Harbour. The locals are friendly and you are conveniently located a few minutes walk from the important access areas in the city. The harbour is also just a few steps away and your be able to find a lot of world-class dining options, bars in the laneways as you walk around the area. Cultural institutions and major schools are also within the square.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Grab a book and enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the serene setting offered by the Chinese Garden of Friendship. This secluded garden is indeed a hidden gem of Darling Harbour. Sit back and simply relax and drown away the sound of the busy street and crowded corners of the Harbour or enjoy a romantic stroll together with your love one. This well-kept garden is indeed a retreat from your busy daily lives.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

The whole family will be entertained at the aquatic themed activities featured at the SEA Life Sydney Aquarium. A single entry ticket gives you access to the best family outing you can have in Australia. There’s sharks, stingrays, dugongs and duck-billed platypus in the vicinity. The area is also home to the first ever penguin exhibit. A Penguin Exhibition gives you a close encounter experience at the King and Gentoo Penguin colony enclosures, a first also in Oz.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum

If you are up for things nautical, the Australian National Maritime Museum is the place for you. It has a rich history that provides you an interesting abode to explore and discover more about Darling Harbour’s rich ship history. You’ll see navy vessels, submarines, yachts, and ships and be provided with a compelling history of the Royal Australian Navy in a unique cinematic experience.

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