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Queensland, Australia offers the best destinations and adventures you can try and conquer while staying at the land down under. From nature reserves, to heart-pumping rides and outdoor activities, the scenic route is what makes QLD the best place to be when visiting Australia. Travelling around these iconic cities and mysterious escapes can be enjoyed easily with the Con-X-ion routes. With transport shuttles available from one scenic point to another awesome Aussie adventure, you can sit back and relax while we transfer you in comfort. 

Australia's top 3 cities has fascinating offerings for people across the globe. Sydney is a good place to start, with its natural and unspoiled beauty, famous harbours, and world-class restaurants. Melbourne is another top destination, with hidden beauties and culinary havens. Victoria's capital has its secret charms and adorable destinations that make it one of the most livable destinations in Australia. Brisbane, Queensland's capital city, is the Sunshine Capital of QLD. It is well known for its eclectic art scenes, hip restaurants, and idyllic islands and suburbs perfect for your holiday destinations.

Going far north awaits more natural beauties to see and adventures to conquer. Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef are life-changing. Every turn and every corner is bucketlist material and makes any Australian holiday a once in a lifetime treat!

Brisbane <> Broadbeach

Brisbane <> Broadbeach

Broadbeach is a suburb of Gold Coast, Queensland that brings you closer to the waves and the sea. Begin the day at Kurrawa Beach by balancing on top of friendly waves or hit it big by trying out a Jet Boat Ride and a Helicopter Flight along the beach. If time above waters is not your type of adventure, you can check out shopping centers in the area, dine and check out events for entertainment.


Brisbane <> Caboolture

A mix of fun and entertainment with touches of history via a trip to the past would be your type of adventure when you travel from Brisbane<>Caboolture. There are a lot of fun outdoor activities to do in Brisbane. Shopping centers are also plenty for souvenirs and your regular shopping sprees. Meanwhile, Caboolture offers a blast-from-the-past adventure via the different museum and cultural villages available in the region. A 2-hour trip worthy of a second and a third visit.

Brisbane <> Coolangatta

Brisbane <> Coolangatta

Beaches are also plenty and accommodating in Coolangatta. The area's tranquil natural beauty is surrounded by a coastal gateway, bringing you close to the Gold Coast and north of NSW. There's plenty of surfing sports to conquer and exciting activities to try. An escape away from the sun can be enjoyed in Brisbane. Hide away in shopping malls or lounge under the shades of Brisbane's famous gardens.

gold coast

Brisbane <> Gold Coast

Brisbane may be one of the busiest cities, but it is also home to most of AU’s nature trip adventures. The capital city of QLD is famous for its river cruises and stunning man-made beaches easily accessible from the CBD. A Tree Top adventure is a nerve-wracking experience the bold at heart travelers should not miss when you head to the Gold Coast. Several theme parks created best for families on a trip are something to look forward to on your Gold Coast adventure.

hervey bay

Brisbane <> Hervey Bay

If the Sunny Capital of Australia is not enough to keep you entertained and relaxed during your vacation, you can hop on a Brisbane to Hervey Bay bus and travel all the way to Hervey Bay for more fun and adventure. After enjoying the city hustle and bustle, you can experience a more laid-back atmosphere at Hervey Bay. Close to several water destinations popular amongst tourists, a whale watching experience at Whitsunday Island would best conclude your holiday trip.


Brisbane <> Maroochydore

Brisbane and Maroochydore offer different experiences for both tourists and locals. The less than 4-hour adventure will bring you close to the boiling point of AU’s tourism and the heart of Sunshine Coast. Located near the ocean, you’ll have plenty of natural beaches to visit while in Maroochydore. The Holey Moley offers nightly entertainment in the region. Brisbane, as always, is a haven for backpackers and families on a trip, with a long list of travel destinations to discover.


Brisbane <> Mooloolaba

A favourite anchorage point in QLD, Mooloolaba is just a short 100 kilometers away north of Brisbane. You can dig in into the freshest and the finest seafood, straight from the trawler in Mooloolaba for dinner after enjoying a relaxing time cruising in Brisbane's famous riverbanks. There's a cosmopolitan of growing shopping districts you can later explore after enjoying the breeze the Sunshine Capital has to offer.


Brisbane <> Noosa

Stunning waterfalls, hiking, and other nature-inspired activities can be enjoyed at a visit in Noosa. A 2-hour drive from the capital city of Brisbane, Noosa is Queensland’s nature escape. You can enjoy kayaking with the dolphins or ride on a 4-wheel drive to enjoy the steeps and slopes of Noosa’s hinterlands. It’s a balance of adrenaline-pumped action and relaxing outdoor fun, both in the bustling city of Brisbane and Noosa’s hinter wonderland.

surfers paradise

Brisbane <> Surfers Paradise

Fun is guaranteed when you hit the road to Surfers Paradise. The Vomatron and the Slingshot are two of the popular experience one can cross out in their bucket lists when staying in Surfers. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not is also hosted in this sunny city. Brisbane is equally stunning with its high buildings, commercial centers, and its famous river cruises, with nightlife beaming with bars and bistros located near the CBD.


Brisbane <> Toowoomba

Are you travelling between Brisbane and Toowoomba? You are up for a lot of fun and adventure in between these two lovely cities. Catch a bus and conquer the Outbacks of Queensland on this trip. With just an hour and a half bus ride away. You can easily escape the glitz and the glam of the city life in QLD’s capital Brisbane onto a one-of-a-kind adventure in Toowoomba. Home to several natural parks in Australia, Toowoomba is a perfect escape from the busy city life.

Brisbane Airport<>Cruise Terminal

Brisbane Airport <> Cruise Terminal

Brisbane is a nice escape from the busy streets of Melbourne and Sydney. You'll love the diverse entertainment options and activities available in the area. Take a short trip to the Portside Wharf where you can tag along with the family to shop, try out fresh sea foods in the restaurants featured in the area, or simply enjoy a view of the sea at the cruise ship viewing deck at the area.


Buderim <> Brisbane

The sun shines brightly and entertainingly at Buderim. You can travel back in time and check out the historical village of Buderim. In less than 2 hours, you can chill at the Rue Bourbon where you'll enjoy the best views of the Pacific Ocean after you try out the Story Bridge Climb in Brisbane. There's plenty of parks in both cities, as well as fun outdoor activities suited for all ages.

Cairns<>Port Douglas

Cairns <> Port Douglas

The Great Barrier Reef drive is an epic road trip you can cross out from your bucket list of adventures. There's plenty of coastal road to snap pictures at, mountains filled with trees, and entertaining stop shops along the way. A close encounter with nature and its beauties is what the Cairns to Port Douglas route is all about. There's plenty of coconut trees, relaxing sea breeze, and fascinating people to meet.

Surfers Paradise

Coolangatta <> Surfers Paradise

If being close to nature is what your definition of an awesome vacation is, a visit to Coolangatta and AU’s Golden Strip of Sand – Surfers Paradise, is the best destination for you in the land down under. There’s plenty of ocean adventure to try – Coolangatta Beach, Snappers Rocks, and Surfers Paradise Beach will give you tan skin and memories to relive over again. The locals are friendly, and you’ll have lots of adventures to try and learn right in between the sun and the sand.

Gold Coast<>Coolangatta

Gold Coast <> Coolangatta

Plenty of awesome things await from Gold Coast to Coolangatta. Whatever your age is, you'll have a lot of fun adventures to do in both scenic destinations. There's mountains and parks you can enjoy a relaxing hike at daytime. Surfing spots are also plenty, with professional surfers ready to give you a beginners lesson for free. Any nature lover would have an adrenaline rush in this scenic route.


Gold Coast <> Sunshine Coast

Stunning views with instant hotels conveniently located just a few minutes away from the beach, you’ll enjoy the hype and the ocean adventure Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast offer. Although located a few hours apart from each other, this makes it a perfect location to literally enjoy the sea, sand, and sun. With millions of tourists visiting the coastline every year, you’ll be able to enjoy a vacation to your heart’s content during your stay from AU’s one awesome coast to another.

Golden Coast Airport<>Broadbeach

Gold Coast Airport <> Broadbeach

Gold Coast is one of the premier destinations under Queensland's belt. There a balance of relaxing escapes and exciting adventures to enjoy while in the CBD. The SkyPoint Observation Deck is a favourite destination for thrill seekers looking for some adventure in Broadbeach. Dracula’s Cabaret keeps you entertained as the city lights turn on. End the day along the coasts of Gold Coast’s beaches.

surfers paradise

Gold Coast Airport <> Surfers Paradise

Sand, sun, ocean adventure, time at the beach, and plenty of water activities will keep you sun-kissed and relaxed right at the mecca of Australia’s best beaches. There are literally numerous awesome beaches to keep you craving for the outdoors from Gold Coast to Surfers Paradise. Whether it’s summer time or not, the sun is always shinning along this coastline and would be a great place to visit to conquer the waves any time of the year!

melbourne city

Melbourne Airport <> City

Melbourne is your one-stop-shop for thrilling adventures, fun experiences, nature-filled activities and easy access to city life. Some iconic destinations you should not miss includes the Yarra River, Queen Victoria Market, and the National Gallery of Victoria. March and April offer fun times and comedic acts at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. There’s tons of adventures and events you can try, visit, and experience all year round in this urban city of Australia.


Noosa <> Maroochydore

The best destinations for outdoor activities and nature encounters would be best experienced from Noosa-Maroochydore trip. Noosa’s streets and alleys would be best discovered via a bike ride around the city. It offers several water activities to enjoy such as paddle boarding and kayaking. Maroochydore is not left behind in terms of great destinations to go to. It boasts of the scenic Thrill Hill and the Chamber Islands, a favoured destination by both locals and tourists.

Sydney Airport<>City

Sydney Airport <> City

Sydney Airport offers a bunch of fun destinations and activities for the adventurer at heart. There are aerial sights that can be accessed through plane rides. The spectacular Bondi Beach is just a few minutes away. Helicopter tours are both romantic and adventurous avenues to explore Sydney and a lot more of outdoor activities to keep you busy and entertained all throughout your stay.

Brisbane <> Burleigh Heads

Brisbane <> Burleigh Heads

An aboriginal escape that gives you access to parks and cultural activities can be enjoyed aboard a Brisbane to Burleigh Heads trip. Its boundaries go as far as the famous Miami Beach and the Palm Beach where you can enjoy the sun and salty breeze. There's a lot of indoor relaxation in the area as well. Soak and enjoy some steam at the Bathhouse or opt for a unique sensory experience at the Freedom Float Centre.


Brisbane <> Caloundra

Your laidback and outgoing personality will be satisfied with a 2-hour drive from Caloundra to Brisbane and back. Live the city life where there are a lot of exciting activities to try. Local artists in Brisbane are plenty and will entertain you all night long. For a more relaxing escapade, you can take a plunge in Caloundra’s beautiful beaches, or join the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival when you visit in October. There’s plenty of home and crafts to take home as souvenirs, too!


Brisbane <> Coolum

Coolum is a beach-side town and suburb located just a short 1.5 hours away from the Sunshine Capital of Queensland - Brisbane. Home to the famous Coolum Beach, there's plenty of water activities you can try and discover in the area. Have a fun day with the family at the Blast Aqua Park and then later end the day with a relaxing cruise at Brisbane's famous Brisbane River.


Brisbane <> Gympie

A trip from Brisbane to Gympie brings you to 2 opposite types of scenic destinations in Queensland. Brisbane, the state capital, is known for its vibrant culture and hip destinations. Gympie, on the other hand, is famous for being The Town That Saved Queensland. With a history connected to the gold rush, the town is a tropical escape that features huge cattle ranches and a refreshing escape from the buzz and hustle of the CBD.


Brisbane <> Ipswich

Whether you are in for a relaxing escape or a city nightlife, both can be enjoyed in your Ipswich to Brisbane (and vice versa) adventure. With loads of places and activities to see and do, you might get overwhelmed with your options. Check out the Queen Street Mall for local products and crafts or head to the Nerima Gardens in Queens Park. The River Heart Park Lands is a family-friendly haven you can visit for some adrenaline-pumping rides and activities.


Brisbane <> Maryborough

Check out the land of Mary Poppins via a 3-hour bus ride from Australia’s most populous city to the iconic region that is home to Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary. The two cities may almost be completely opposite with each other but the experience both regions offer will satisfy your expectations when travelling locally or even internationally. With awesome cuisine, dining options, and places to visit, a tour from Brisbane to Maryborough is a must.


Brisbane <> Nambour

Adventures far from the sun and the sand can be enjoyed right at the Brisbane CBD to Nambour, one of the major towns in Sunshine Coast. Home to several parks and gardens, you can spend time chilling with koalas at the Koala Park or take souvenir pictures by the lakes at Quota Park and Cilento Park. The hinterland is also nearby giving you opportunities for hiking and mountain bike sightseeing.


Brisbane <> Sunshine Coast

Enchanting bodies of water where you can slip and slide would be a great way to spend your holiday right at the heart of the sun and sand in AU – Sunshine Coast. You can later go on a shopping spree or check out the man-made attractions that make Brisbane a tourist favourite. The Story Bridge Climb is a thrill-filled experience, even the Royals recommend. Or, you could enjoy fruit picking at the Strawberry Fields of Sunshine Coast for a more laid-back outdoor experience.


Brisbane <> Tewantin

Tewantin is a suburb of Noosa, Queensland and is located just a short 2-hour drive from the Sunshine Capital - Brisbane. This small coastal village serves as the home of vehicular ferries travelling to the Noosa North Shore and the famous Fraser Island. Once a timber town, it is now a river port for Noosa where several tourists from around the globe meet to explore Oz's famous shores.

brisbane cityBrisbane Airport <> City

Brisbane is considered as one of the fast-growing cities and travel destination in Australia. An escape from the busy streets of Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is your perfect destination if you want to experience a balance of heart-pumping adventures and a selection of activities for a relaxing holiday. A climb to the iconic Story Bridge is something you should never miss as well as a visit at the Koala Sanctuaries located at the heart of the bustling city.

Brisbane Airport<>Roma Street

Brisbane Airport <> Roma Street

CityCat ferries are one of the iconic vessels you'll see and enjoy in Brisbane. Enjoy the Brisbane River and laze around the area as you check out the Factory Outlets, take pictures of the Story Bridge, or get close with nature at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. You can later enjoy a good book or simply frolic together with the locals at the Roma Street Parkland.

Cairns<>Palm Cove

Cairns <> Palm Cove

Just a short 30 minutes on the bus brings you from Palm Cove to Cairns. There's a whole esplanade overlooking the beach, one of the perfect reasons for a summer holiday in Oz. The scenic adventure is uniquely located in a setting that brings you close to the Great Barrier Reef and the hinterland Australia is famous for. Cruise, walk along the forest trail, sky dive, or chill under a nice umbrella under the sun.

Cairns Airport<>City

Cairns Airport <> City

Grab your bags and enjoy a piece of heaven on Earth at Cairns. There's a railway station that gives you a scenic route to see its coveted beauties. Picnics and BBQ can be enjoyed in the parks, forest trails and tropical gardens in the vicinity. You're conveniently situated near gorgeous beaches, a stunning scenery and a lovely nightlife that is as stunning even in the cold months.


Gatton <> Brisbane

Interested in a trip down memory lane? That and more can be accessed with equal doses of fun and excitement at the Gatton and Brisbane scenic route. There's the Queensland Museum that will bring you back in time. The Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre also brings you closer to Gatton's historic roots. An Equestrian Centre is also situated in the town and offers a unique experience you can try together with the whole family.

Gold Coast<>Noosa

Gold Coast <> Noosa

Gold Coast and Noosa are popularly known for their pristine beaches, the bright sun, and a lot of happenings by the beach. There’s plenty of outdoor activities to keep you occupied and entertained during your stay. Hit the waves and learn how to surf, go snorkeling or try scuba diving, or simply bask under the relaxing sun on one of the top beaches in Queensland’s premier holiday destinations.


Gold Coast <> Toowoomba

Two nature-friendly escapes are what a trip from Gold Coast to Toowoomba offers. Both travel destinations give you a taste of AU’s best scenic spots and natural wonders. Enjoy the sea and sand as you surf and try out water activities in the tourist-popular city of Gold Coast. Toowoomba gives you access to AU’s fauna and flora where several nature parks can be visited. Popular spots you should not miss include the Murphy’s Creek and the Crow’s Nest National Park.

Gold Coast Airport<>Burleigh Heads

Gold Coast Airport <> Burleigh Heads

Travel back and forth the Gold Coast Airport and Burleigh Heads to enjoy the best beaches Australia is known for. The famous Palm Beach is waiting for you to embrace its warm and tropical weather as you try the water activities featured in the area. Exploring the Mount Tamborine's rainforests is a good way to start your holiday adventure in Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads adventure route.

hervey bay

Maryborough <> Hervey Bay

If your definition of an awesome holiday is a balance of cultural experience and outdoor scenic places, a visit at Maryborough and Hervey Bay would be an ideal adventure. Learn history and look back at the cultural heritage of Maryborough and nearby cities through the museums and art centers around the region. Hervey Bay is your key to the gates of Fraser Island, a destination you should not miss if you’re up for close nature encounters and water activities to enjoy and conquer.

Melbourne Airport<>St Kilda

Melbourne Airport <> St Kilda

There is a mix of indoor and outdoor adventure starting from the airport up to St. Kilda and surrounds. There's a mix of land and water destinations that can keep you busy throughout your adventure. The Botanical Gardens of St Kilda is as stunning as that of Brisbane, but with less people and land area to cover during your stroll. Cultural and heritage buildings are plenty in the aarea and should be included in your itinerary.


Sunshine Coast <> Noosa

Seeking for a beautiful, laidback holiday atmosphere? A trip between Sunshine Coast-Noosa is the best adventure for you. Conveniently located just half an hour away via a bus or shuttle, you can easily visit Sunshine Coast's waves in the morning and then later have a relaxing nature trip at Noosa in the afternoon. With several adventurous outdoor activities both for kids and the kids at heart, this short adventure trip would be best for families and tourists of all ages.

Sydney Airport<>Darling Harbour

Sydney Airport <> Darling Harbour

After a thrilling time in the sky via helicopter and plane tours above Sydney, you can later on enjoy the seas and Aussie's wildlife at Darling Harbour. Kids will have a great time at the Sydney Aquarium and the Sydney Zoo. Shops and restaurants are also plenty and can entertain you while you wait for the sun to set to later on enjoy a nice dinner at the world-class restaurants in the area.

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One of the fastest growing cities in Australia. A perfect escape that entertains you with a wide variety of destinations to visit, food to indulge in, and coffee to enjoy. Nature adventures are also plenty and waiting for you to conquer.

Gold Coast

Known to be one of the finest destinations in Australia, the Gold Coast is indeed a treasure to see in Oz. With several stunning beaches to boot and world class accommodations to stay at, you're in for a perfect holiday.


Sunshine Coast

One of the top surfing destinations in Australia and the best place to conquer the waves and get a tan. Sunshine Coast is indeed a destination filled with nature trips and activities to keep you busy all year round.

Darling Downs

Darling Downs serves not only as the “food bowl” of Queensland but also as a famous countryside escape in Australia. With western slopes of the Great Dividing Range nearby, it is a stunning adventure waiting to be explored.

Wide Bay-Burnett

Your gateway to the UNESCO Heritage Fraser Island and Southern Great Barrier Reef, a relaxed slow-paced outdoor experience is waiting for your visit. Frolic around the parks, ride a canoe, or simply enjoy the sun and water in the region.


Cairns is a nature-rich and stunning destination to explore in the northern regions of Queensland. Home to the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef, you are in for some unforgettable nature adventure when in Cairns.


Melbourne is beyond being Australia’s coffee capital. It is a destination with surprising flavours and exciting corners to discover. Sports, culture, and style allures locals and tourists alike to come back or even stay for good. It’s a top city in Australia worthy to be in anyone’s destination lists.


Tourism comprises the biggest slice of the pie in terms of the economy in Sydney. It has been host to more than 10 million locals and 4 million international visitors last 2018. With so many iconic landmarks and attractions to try, Sydney tourism is bound to grow and rise.